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Wall Panels vs Tiles: Why Wall Panels Are Taking The Lead In Bathroom Design

So, you’ve selected a stylish shower enclosure, basin and toilet for your new bathroom...

but how can you give the walls an elegant upgrade? Tiles have long been the presumed choice. However, in recent years, innovative new products such as our Nuance wall panels have hit the market, offering a range of additional benefits.

Here are some of the main reasons why wall panels are becoming an increasingly popular choice in bathroom design:

1. Wall Panels Look Great

Contemporary wall panels can expertly mimic a range of organic textures, including those of wood, stone and marble. This creates a high-end, quality finish. Meanwhile, for those who prefer a bolder aesthetic, there are various designs available with a luxurious, quartz-like sparkle. The diverse design options available make it easy to find a wall panel which complements your bathroom décor.

2. They Are Also Cost-Effective

Usually, homeowners realise that quality tiles can be expensive. However, they frequently overlook the additional labour costs associated with tiling. Installing tiles is a time-intensive task and the labour costs associated with removing existing surfaces, cutting new tiles and grouting, can add considerable amounts to your bathroom refurbishment costs. Meanwhile, wall panels can be installed in single sheets. This reduces installation time and drives costs down.

3. Wall Panels Minimise Disruption

Tiles must be individually laid, which can be a time-consuming process. In fact, it can take up to a week to tile an average-sized bathroom. For busy households, it is often extremely inconvenient to have a bathroom off-limits for days at a time.

This problem can be avoided by opting for wall panels. Tests have proved that Bushboard’s Nuance wall panels are up to 6 times faster to fit than tiles. The result? A stunning bathroom, without all the hassle associated with prolonged building work.

4. Plus, They’re Easy To Maintain

High-quality tiled bathrooms can look stunning. However, grouting is vulnerable to black mould and mildew, which can ruin the aesthetic of your bathroom. Even when you take necessary precautions, such as drying off bathroom tiles after use, or opening windows to improve ventilation, black mould can be difficult to avoid.

Wall panels are a low-maintenance, hygienic alternative to tiles. They are 100% waterproof and are installed as a single unit, which leaves them less vulnerable to mould and negates the need for constant drying and cleaning.

5. Wall Panels Are Easier To Replace

If you decide to change the style of your bathroom, it is easy to remove and replace wall panels. The panel units can even be fitted over existing surfaces (including tiling). The same cannot be said of tiles, which are far more labour intensive (and costly) to remove and refit.   

The Verdict

Whether you opt for tiles or wall panels can have a considerable impact on your project cost and turn-around time, as well as the final finish of your bathroom. Ultimately, you should select the wall covering that best complements your design preferences and lifestyle. Regardless; considering the many benefits of wall panels, it is unsurprising that they are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners.

Want to know more? Shop our Nuance range, or contact the Bushboard team for more information today.



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