Caring for your Bushboard Worktops

Keep your kitchen worksurfaces looking their best with these helpful tips

Our kitchen worktops go through a lot, so it’s important to take good care of them to ensure they stand the test of time.
Of course, choosing a reliable, hardworking kitchen worksurface is crucial, but maintenance is just as important.

We have come up with a helpful list of tips to keep your kitchen worksurfaces "Tip-Top"

Omega - Lachen Stone Laminate Kitchen Worktop    Omega - Lachen Stone Laminate Kitchen Worktop

How you clean and care for your kitchen worktop will depend on the material it’s made of. Laminate and
compact laminate worktops are dependable options as they do not require high levels of maintenance,
unlike solid wood and stone, making them the perfect option for busy households.

As they’re extremely durable, laminate and compact laminate worksurfaces are incredibly easy to look after.
To keep them looking their best, we recommend regularly cleaning them with mild soap and warm water, and always
wipe away any spillages as soon as you spot them.

     Zenith - Chaux Sablee Fizzy Compact Laminate Kitchen Worktop

Stay clear of abrasive cleaners or steel scourers when wiping away any mess from your worktops as they
could cause scratch marks and dull the laminate finish. Always proceed with caution, and use a
chopping board when cutting fruit, vegetables, meat and other foods as this will prevent any staining
or abrasions that could potentially occur.

Avoid placing hot pans directly onto your worktop to avoid scorch marks – We would recommend using a trivet or
protective mat instead. To prevent scratching, always lift objects from the surface when moving them,
rather than dragging them across the worktop. Laminate worktops are resistant to most household
products, but they’re not completely stain-proof, so be careful when using products like ink, nail varnish
or adhesive near the surface.

Specific information on how to care for our ranges can be found on our Rage Pages or for full details
view our Installation Guides in our Resource Library here. 

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