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Inspired by Innovation, Driven by Choice. Alloy Splashbacks are the easy way to give your kitchen a modern update.

Alloy Splashbacks are a high performance, statement splashback you can place wherever you want. 
Your Alloy splashback is fire-safe behind any hob and waterproof behind any sink; enjoy simple sizing and no need for an expensive glass cover or to break up your design with a stainless steel hob panel. It's easy to cut your panels to the size and shape you need to fit behind hobs, around cabinets and corners, and installation is easy using Complete adhesive. Trims are optional. 

Why Choose Alloy?

  • A large selection of designs and finishes.
  • Available in 4 standard sizes.
  • Fire-safe for a seamless finish throughout the kitchen.


Bushboard splashbacks are easy to maintain. On a day-to-day basis, all you need to do is wipe them down with a moist cloth and your favorite mild detergent. For more stubborn marks, leave the detergent to soak on the surface for a little while before rinsing thoroughly.

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Our guarantee

Alloy Splashbacks are guaranteed for their lifetime. Bushboard will make good by repair and/or replacement (at it’s discretion) any Alloy Splashback of its manufacture which can be shown to have failed by reason of defects in its manufacture, subject to fair wear and tear, provided the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and that the products are used for their intended purpose. Proof of date and place of purchase is required. This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and does not affect your rights in any way.

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Bushboard Complete

Use Complete colour matched sealant to finish your installations for a 3 year* guarantee on all joints. Guaranteed against moisture ingress and expansion for added peace of mind.


Questions about Alloy

A splashback is a panel applied to the wall in your kitchen to protect it from food or water splashes and heat from your hob.

Alloy splashbacks are digitally printed aluminium panels designed specifically to be fire resistant, so they’re completely safe for use behind any hob and sink.

An Alloy splashback is an aluminium composite panel available in different designs. Your Alloy splashback is designed specifically to be fire resistant, so it’s completely safe for use behind any hob, where you should never place any flammable items including wood or wallpaper.

Alloy décor splashbacks are also highly scratch resistant, so there are no worries that you can damage it by accident. Unlike real tiles, Alloy splashbacks don’t have grout, so they’re easy to clean and unlike glass, they can be easily cut to size in your home without expensive templating or time delay.

Alloy splashbacks are available nationwide. Check out our Where to Buy section to find your closest retailer.

Alloy splashbacks are made in the UK.

Alloy splashbacks are 4mm thick.

Yes. Alloy is completely fire resistant and safe for use behind any hob. It has been tested to Euroclass SBI EN1350-1. Please refer to your appliance manufacturer guideline with reference to the distance you should maintain between your hob and the splashback.

Alloy is very durable and designed to be scratch-resistant to EN 438-2-25 and abrasive resistant to EN 438-2-10, but we recom- mend treating your Alloy splashback with care: wipe clean with a mild household detergent, and don’t scrub with abrasives.

Alloy splashbacks are available in 4 sizes:

  • High Rise splashback: 3000x750mm which allows you to fill the wall behind your hob with a continuous design right up to cooker hood, with no joins.
  • Mid Rise splashback: 3000x600mm which are perfect behind sinks.
  • Standard Hob panel: 600x800mm for use behind 60cm wide appliances.
  • Wide Hob panel: 900x800mm for use behind 90cm wide appliances.

The most cost effective and visually pleasing way of achieving this coverage is to use a 3000x750mm High Rise splashback, which will cover the space you need without joining two splashbacks together.

You can’t order a custom size, but Alloy splashbacks are easy to cut and simple to fit, so you can make your favourite design work for your space.

As Alloy splashbacks feature multiple colours we do not supply RAL or Pantone references. You can order a sample of the product to view the colours or visit a display in a supporting kitchen showroom.

Yes. Please check your brochure or consult with your designer for more details.

Yes. You must ensure the surface is dry, clean, stable and flat before installation. Clean thoroughly and key or scarify the surface first to ensure your adhesive takes hold.

No. Alloy splashbacks are not suitable for horizontal application.

Yes. You can install Alloy splashbacks with standard tools and our easy to follow installation guide. You can also watch the Alloy installation guide video on YouTube by searching, “Alloy splashback installation guide.”

If you prefer not to install your own Alloy splashback, we recommend seeking help from a local well-rated handyperson or kitch- en installer. Some Alloy installations require work around electrical sockets; any electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Alloy splashbacks must be stored in a horizontal, flat, level and enclosed environment. You can store your splashback in its packag- ing in temperatures between 10°c and 40°c. However, before installation your splashback should be stored for 24 hours at normal room temperature (18°c - 25°c, relative humidity 50-65%).

Always refer to your appliance manufacturer guidelines for minimum distance between the hob and your Alloy splashback.

Alloy is easy to cut, fit and adhere if you follow the installation guide. You can also watch the Alloy installation guide video on You- Tube by searching, “Alloy splashback installation guide.”

You must allow 1.5mm around every edge of your Alloy splashback to allow for thermal expansion.

You don’t have to cover the raw edge of an Alloy splashback, but we do recommend sealing around every edge with silicone once it’s adhered to the wall. If you do want to cover the raw edge, you can fit your Alloy splashback with profiles which are available separately in Matt Silver and Anthracite.

Trim profiles and jointing plates come with a length of double sided tape already attached. The tape is to adhere the trim to the panel, not the panel to the wall. You can peel off one side of the tape backer and follow the simple installation instructions to put them in place.

We recommend using edge profiles from the Alloy splashback range, and cutting them to size.

Always place your Alloy splashback with the decorative side face down on a clean, flat surface clear of debris that could scratch or damage the surface.

No. Your Alloy panel does not need to be earthed. If you are fitting your Alloy splashback around a socket, any work on the socket itself must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

You can clean your Alloy splashbacks with your favourite mild household cleaner and a soft, microfibre cloth. It’s important that you don’t clean your splashback with any abrasive material.

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