Spring/Summer Kitchen Trends Set Dominate in 2024

Four key trends we predict will dominate kitchen designs this Spring/Summer.

Biophilic design

Adding a touch of nature to a kitchen through biophilic design can bring a much needed sense of calm and warmth to a modern, minimalist décor scheme.

Drawing on inspiration from the world around us, this theme is reflective of patterns and materials found in nature. Wooden decors such as Heritage Walnut, Fluted Oak and Natural Blocked Oak evoke an instant connection to our natural environment and when paired with muted tones such as greys, creams and greens it further connects us to the outside landscape and creates a space that exudes serenity.

If you’re on a budget, opting for a laminate kitchen worktop is a great alternative to solid natural materials. Laminate worktops are also relatively low maintenance and easy to clean, unlike raw material worktops, so you can spend less time on housework and more time enjoying your newly curated kitchen space. 

Alloy Splashback - Heritage Walnut    Omega Worktop - Natural Blocked Oak    Alloy Splashback - Fluted Oak

Energised Pastels

Light, playful and joyous, pastels create the perfect pop of colour for year-round appeal. Whether you choose to welcome them into the home through cabinetry, splashback or accent colours in soft furnishings, crockery or accessories, these hues instantly inject an element of fun into the space. Blues, pinks, greens and yellows remain popular choices for kitchen spaces due to their versatility, plus they can pair nicely with pre-existing colour schemes, especially neutrals. 

When dabbling in the world of colour consider incorporating natural textures and finishes to keep the scheme balanced. Marble-finish worktops and splashbacks pair beautifully with pastels as they keep the space feeling light, airy and modern. Alternatively, wood finishes are a great option for someone who prefers a more traditional aesthetic. When picking a worktop, we would recommend opting for a wood finish that replicates the knots, lines and natural flaws found in real wood as this adds interest and texture to the space. 


Alloy Splashback - Smoked Rose     Alloy Splashback - Neptune Blue



The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it should reflect your individuality and be personal to your style. The maximalist trend teaches us that more can really be more. However, well executed maximalism takes careful planning to ensure the balance is right, and that the patterns and colour introduced complement one another.

Decorating with a bold splashback design is a great way to experiment, adding colour and pattern into a space. Bringing in colour through updating kitchen cabinets can be a bold and expensive choice, whereas opting for a solid colour or patterned splashback is a seemingly straightforward upgrade as it’s easily installed without having to completely renovate the space. Easy to clean and maintain, and available in a variety of patterns and colours, Alloy kitchen splashbacks are the perfect addition to many maximalist schemes.

Alloy Splashback - Emerald Scallop     Alloy Splashback - Modern Victoria


Mixed materials

A neutral kitchen looks effortlessly on-trend, especially when layers of interest are thoughtfully added through texture and curated accessories. It’s also a great way to experiment while keeping to a calming colour palette.

Warm tone neutrals are increasingly popular in kitchen design, with more homeowners moving away from cool-tone greys and white. Wood finishes welcome warmth into a space and balance a scheme when colder finishes like cement and stone are present.

Marble and wood is a material combination that is already dominating in 2024, and this is set to continue. Warm veined marble finishes complement wood tastefully, creating a scheme that oozes sophistication. We’re seeing wood welcomed into the space through a variety of ways, from cabinetry, fluting and panelling to flooring, splashbacks and worktops, whereas marble finishes are often present in the form of just flooring, worktops and splashbacks.

Opting for a marble finish kitchen worktop or splashback, rather than the solid raw material, has its advantages. You can achieve your desired look within budget, while having an easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain space. The options available span both dark and light marbles, as well as light and deep veining, meaning there’s something to suit any taste.

For more information, take a closer look at our collection of kitchen surfaces and splashbacks or find your nearest retailer.

Alloy Splashback - Viking Oak     Zenith Worktop - Raja Black

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