Latest Kitchen Trends 23 - ‘Dark Hues’ and ‘Tranquillity’ Set to Thrive Among Autumn and Winter Kitchen Trends

Our Product Lead - Elliott Fairlie, outlines the latest trends set to dominate kitchen design this autumn/winter:



“A trend that has proven popular in kitchen design, and will continue to reign supreme this autumn/winter, is the trend of creating a tranquil space.

“As we often spend more time at home during the colder months, it’s important for our space to offer an oasis from the outside world. By incorporating calming colours, such as blues and greens, you can create a peaceful interior.

“Welcoming these shades into your kitchen design can be done subtly, or you can embrace them with open arms. If you’re looking to bring blues or greens in as accent colours, you can easily do so through accessories and plants. Adding a splashback in your chosen colour can also be a great way to embrace these soothing hues – solid splashbacks work well with neutral kitchen cabinets, injecting personality in a subtle and considered way. They pair especially well with wood finish worksurfaces to fully embrace finishes from the natural world, but also work beautifully with other finishes like marble.

“You could also opt for cabinets in your desired colour to bring a sense of the outdoors in. When opting for green or blue cabinetry, it’s important to consider the rest of your kitchen surroundings to tie the scheme together.

“If your goal is to create a light and airy space, picking a light worksurface and splashback, such as a marble finish, can work well. Alternatively, woods can help bring warmth into the space to offer a cosy kitchen décor. If you want to let the cabinet colours shine, opting for a steel-finish splashback and light-coloured worksurface can help you achieve just that.

Warm neutrals


“This autumn we’re embracing warm neutrals and earth-inspired tones to create an understated but inviting space. This trend moves away from white, minimalist design to create a multi-dimensional design that reflects nature.

“These earthy hues have grown in popularity due to their versatility, providing a neutral base for any design – while providing the opportunity to incorporate different textures and materials within the same colour palette to add depth and interest.

“Adding different textures and materials can be achieved in a variety of ways, and can be built up as much or as little as you like. The easiest way to do this is through your worksurface – wood and stone are perfect for this, particularly when the finish has multiple earth tones blended in. Of course, choosing materials like this can increase the cost of your renovation considerably, however opting for a laminate can help with this by creating the look you’re after at a fraction of the price.

“The scheme can be built up further through your choice of splashback. A warm, solid coloured splashback creates a clean finish, whereas a textured splashback, such as a wood finish, acts as a point of interest. When incorporating this look into your kitchen, I would recommend opting for a wood-effect aluminium splashback, such as those in our Alloy range, as they’re fire safe and waterproof, meaning there is no need to protect it with an expensive glass cover.

Fluted wood


“The fluted effect is a growing trend in home and interiors, adorning kitchens across the UK. It pairs beautifully with neutrals and black, creating a gorgeous point of interest without overpowering the room. No matter how it’s incorporated, the look provides an aesthetically pleasing, ripple effect that adds a layer of texture that can elevate the space.

“Fluted cabinets are a popular way to introduce this trend, and look great in a variety of wood finishes. For a moody scheme, pairing dark fluted cabinets with a dark, strong-veined marble looks incredibly impressive. Alternatively, opting for light marble finish can complement the wood beautifully.

“If you’re looking to create a statement, carrying a fluted-effect splashback across your entire kitchen can create a gorgeous feature. Paired with neutrals, such as beiges, whites and blacks, it create a timeless design with added interest.

Dark hues


“Dark hues are always popular choice during the autumn/winter months due to their ability to create a cosy feeling. Popular hues include dark greens and blues, but black, charcoal grey and dark woods are gaining momentum. They create a seductive allure that is sleek and sophisticated, providing year-round appeal.

“If you choose to fully commit to this trend, matching dark cabinets with deep-toned worksurfaces can create an opulent scheme. Dark marble and stone finishes help achieve this look perfectly, while adding interest through veining and texture.

“If you’re not ready to commit to the dark side in all aspects of your design, consider a picking a lighter worktop and pairing it with dark cabinetry. Alternatively, you could use grey marbles, woods and steel finish surfaces and splashbacks to keep things a little lighter.”

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