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The big drive towards ultra-thin worktops (and how it can enhance your kitchen)

There are two key trends in contemporary kitchen design - minimalist versus brilliantly bold. Whatever your preference; one trend increasingly seen across all kitchen designs is the drive towards thinner work surfaces.  In fact, work surface thicknesses have decreased from 40mm, to well below 25mm over recent years and they continue to get thinner. Influenced by the rise of linear, handless kitchen styles and a continuing need to push design boundaries, the popularity of slimline worktops has surged.

So, how can choosing thinner worktops enhance the overall design of your kitchen?

The open-plan kitchen

Creating a stunning open-plan living space requires careful consideration. Bulky kitchen units can dominate a room and ruin the cohesive design of your space.

That’s why slimline worktops have proved so popular with interior designers. The subtleness of a thin worktop creates a space saving effect and allows your units to blend seamlessly with the design of your open-plan living space. Furthermore, thinner worktops can be effectively utilised to create co-ordinated features across the open-plan space, including shelving and cladding.

To enhance this effect, use cohesive colour schemes throughout the area, select a worktop colour that matches your kitchen cabinets and tie-together your design elements using accessories, such as appliances, cushions and wall art.

The cosy kitchen

More compact kitchen spaces can also be enhanced by a slimline kitchen worktop. In this case, a traditional, chunky work surface would overpower the space. However, by opting for light-coloured cabinets and streamlined worksurfaces, you can create the illusion of space.

The natural kitchen

Another key trend in contemporary interior design is the incorporation of natural materials and textures. Combining simple chic with everyday practicality, Bushboard’s Evolve solid core worktop range emulates stone, concrete and marble and outperforms many natural materials in terms of durability. The ultra-slim 12.5mm finish and clean-cut, square-edged profile helps provide an authentic, slab-like effect. This authenticity enhances the design of the room, creating a luxurious, high-end look.

The designer kitchen

The simple form of an ultra-thin worktop allows you to get more creative with colour and design. Opt for a statement worktop, such as the increasingly popular Calacatta Marble, to give a little wow factor. Alternatively, opt for bold units in blue or woodgrain and finish with a solid, extra smooth thin worktop. Balancing understated silhouettes with bold colour accents creates a contemporary look, with a stylish edge.

The trend

Whatever the size or style of your kitchen; an ultra-thin worktop could be the way to create the high-end finish you are looking for. Our Evolve range of solid core worktops are not only ultra-thin, durable and available in a wide array of colours and textures; but they are also a perfect cost-saving alternative to aspirational ceramic worktops. Explore the Evolve range and get planning your dream kitchen today.


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