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3 Bathroom Designers on Why They Choose Nuance Wall Panelling

We spoke to some of our favourite bathroom designers at Kensington Studio, Wisteria Kitchens and Property LC to find out why they choose Nuance panels, and pick up a few top tips.

Since its launch last year, Bushboard Nuance bathroom panelling has been a major hit with bathroom designers, who’ve shown us creative ways to incorporate the wet wall panels into high end bathroom designs and budget makeovers alike. Nuance has been so popular, it’s shortlisted for Best Shower Brand in this year’s BKU Awards!

We spoke to some of our favourite bathroom designers at Kensington Studio, Wisteria Kitchens and Property LC to find out why they choose Nuance bathroom panels, and pick up a few top tips.


Nuance Panels are Easy to Install

Nuance panels are made using a synthetic core that’s 100% waterproof, and is fixed to the wall with BB Complete rather than grout, so it can go straight onto the wall, or over the top of tiles that are already there. Matt Woodgate from Property LC says it’s not a problem to apply over tiles, but has a good tip for getting the best application straight onto the wall. He says, “My best tip for installation is to make sure you’re working with a flat finish. If not, you can use a plasterboard dot and dab method first.” Nuance can be fitted by any competent woodworker, so there’s no need for extra trade work - we estimate that fitting a bathroom with Nuance is around 6 hours faster than fitting a bathroom with tiles.

Nuance Panels are Cleaner Than Tiles

When you use Bushboard Nuance, you’re choosing a clean installation, and easy maintenance. Once they’re fitted, Nuance panels wipe clean and because they go straight on the wall, there’s nowhere for mould to grow, and no grout to scrub. Matt Woodgate says, “I like using Nuance in bathrooms because it gives an overall cleaner look.” When it comes to colour, Matt says, lighter means a cleaner effect too. “Choosing a colour is personal to the client, but in small rooms with small windows, my advice is to keep to a light colour palette.”

Nuance Panels Work All Around the Bathroom

The range of patterns and textures in the Nuance panels range is unrivalled by any other wet wall panelling, designed with complementary combinations in mind - something Neil Gilbert from Kensington Studio enjoys , “We have used it in so many bathrooms to make something unique and tailored to the client’s taste. We wouldn’t use any other shower panel.” Michele Cockcroft from Wisteria Kitchens says she loves to mix the finishes too, commenting, “I think to make the best use of a small space is to be combine different complementary Nuance panels and create zones within the room.” She suggests choosing one décor for basins, another for a splashback, and another again for the shower area. Nuance is so versatile, the panels can be used to create a true wetroom, or surround a shower, bath or basin individually – and it’s available in a range of panel sizes.

Nuance Panels Look Luxe

Michele Cockcroft says she uses Nuance to create a luxe finish, adding atmosphere to bathrooms by using Nuance panels in alcove shelves, with recessed LED lighting. With finishes in the range that look like marble, quartz and granite, it’s not difficult to create a boutique hotel bathroom look for yourself. Matt Woodgate, meanwhile, says the sleek, no-extrusion finish of a Nuance fit is what he likes best, next to its easy installation. He comments, “I’ve done a few projects with Nuance, and my favourite thing about it is the post formed edge.” The post-formed edge is a slight curve at the end of the Nuance panel makes it pre-finished, removing the need for any unsightly metal joints, and the other end features a tongue or groove, for easily clicking them into the space.

Seeking inspiration for your own bathroom design? Head to the Nuance design gallery to shop the whole range, or visit Downloads to find a brochure, installation advice and care leaflets.


Images used, from top: Header image shows bathroom by Wisteria Kitchens, Shower with Nuance panels fitted by Kensington Studio, Bathroom with Naunce panels fitted by Property LC, Shower with recessed alcove and LED lighting with Nuance panels fitted by Wisteria Kitchens.


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