Wisteria Kitchens: Beautifying Bathrooms with Bushboard Nuance Wall Panels

Wisteria Kitchens in Devon is a family run business, taking pride in designing and fitting kitchens and bathrooms that are unique to the customer.

Fitting Bushboard Nuance bathroom panels since their launch, Wisteria Kitchens are big fans of the panelling system; Nuance is 100% waterproof, fitted without extrusions, guaranteed and beautiful to look at too.

Marketing manager, Michele, says, “One of our favourite ways to use Nuance is to create an alcove shelf for the storage of bottles and other accessories, then include recessed LED lighting to create atmosphere.”

Bushboard Nuance panels are fitted straight onto the wall without the need for beading, giving them a unique smooth, flat finish for a high-end effect. The faux natural decors in the Nuance panelling range include marble, granite and quartz, making it easy to create a luxe look bathroom on a budget.

Nuance is fitted straight onto the wall with our adhesive, BB Complete, making job turnaround time much faster and cleaner than when using tiles. Thanks to their versatility, Bushboard Nuance panels can also be used to create different areas within the same bathroom, getting more from the space.

Michele comments, “Combining different complementary Nuance panels in a small space is a great way to create zones within the room. For example, basins on one board with another used a splashback, and another again for the shower.”

Wisteria Kitchens have designed a range of spaces for their customers using Bushboard Nuance as shown in the slideshow above, and their fitters enjoy using it.

Michele comments that Wisteria Kitchens will dedicate showroom space to Nuance this year, “We will soon be refurbishing and Nuance has been such a success with our customers, we plan to show it off to its full capacity.”

You can view the full range of Bushboard Nuance panels here, and see examples of fits and showrooms in our gallery. Check out Wisteria Kitchens on Instagram or at their website, and don’t forget to follow Bushboard on social, or share your designs with #bushboard.