Michael Woodford


Michael Woodford has known Bushboard for an extensive time as his grandfather started the company in 1935. Michael needed a new kitchen, but wanted something that would have the best in class for heat and impact resistance, look sleek and seamless, be renewable and repairable whilst also being affordable and easy to install. Encore ticked all the boxes.

‘We chose Encore because we didn’t want other solid surfaces for a number of reasons; expense, they need to be templated and unforgiving when something is dropped on them.’


Michael chose Mountain Haze 27mm, which offers the very latest on-trend looks. The solid surface product gives style and quality, whilst making your budget go so much further.

Bushboard’s aspiration is to create the kitchens that consumers desire. The uninterrupted flow of material is visually enhanced with the creation of inconspicuous seams in all but the marbled designs, where the directional pattern accentuates a more natural feel. There is no expensive fabrication work off site, because the material can be shaped and tailored by your kitchen installer whilst on the project. So there is no time delay for templating either. Just fast and easy installation which helps saves you money as well as disruption.


‘The installation of the Encore went very smoothly, our fitter even went to the trouble of making a new jig so that we could accommodate a double sink and was able to make any alterations on site.
‘We would certainly use Encore again and recommend it to anybody.’

Bushboard offer a free of charge training course for professional installers in all aspects of Encore installation, ensuring the installer can produce a first-class finish.

For more information about the Encore range and other Bushboard products, visit www.bushboard.co.uk

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