Why We Always Choose Nuance: G.D. Evans Interiors

“We’ve been installing Nuance for years now. We have previously used a competitor brand, but we weren’t happy with the amount of time it took to install due to all the trims required, and we also had some issues with the core of the panels swelling,” Gary explains.

Nuance panels are uniquely manufactured with a waterproof core, so they won’t swell – and thanks to the tongue and groove fitting, no ugly trim is required. Gary has installed Nuance wall panels in dozens of bathrooms, and says customers love it as an alternative to wall tiles, even if they never considered it before.

“Many of our customers don’t even know such products exist, or think of them as the cheap plastic panels – but then we show them the wow factor Nuance brings to bathroom design,” says Gary.

Gary and his installers say their most regular feedback is that Nuance panels contribute a real luxury look and feel, and customers say one of the best things about Nuance panels is how easy they are to clean, as there are no grout lines to harbour dirt or mould.

It’s not just customers who love Nuance; Gary’s teams are fans of the wall panel system too, which is available in a wide range of realistic marble, stone and wood designs.

“For us as installers, its really quick and we know we can move onto another job, safe in the knowledge that the panels are 100% waterproof, unlike others on the market.” Nuance panels are around 3 times faster to install than tiles, thanks to the tongue and groove interlocking fit system, and Bushboard's exclusive adhesive and sealant system, BB Complete.

And Gary’s top tip? Don't forget the details.

“We use the offcuts as splashbacks, so there’s always minimal waste.”

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