Vista Honeycomb Splashbacks in a Modern Student Home


Vicky Martin at VH Martin Ltd is a property investor and developer with a focus on rental properties for multiple occupants. For a recent student let project, she chose Bushboard Vista in Honeycomb as a feature finishing touch in a kitchen designed to look great and work hard.


As a student house of multiple occupancy, Vicky’s kitchen design called for something beautiful but practical. She says, “Practicality and durability were both huge factors in choosing the Vista splashback, but we also wanted to ensure the space was going to appeal to our clients. That’s why we went for the hexagonal design, which is really on trend but much more cost effective than buying the individual tiles.”

Vista splashbacks in a tile pattern are the perfect way to makeover a rental property kitchen with style. The splashbacks come in one piece and go straight onto the wall with adhesive, even over existing tiles, bringing down the time and cost of renovation without compromising practicality. Since there’s no grout to scrub, Vista is also incredibly easy to keep clean.


“I heard about Bushboard through a property developer friend at May Green Investments, when they used a Bushboard Brushed Copper Splashback in one of their kitchens and it looked fab,” comments Vicky.

Vicky chose to decorate the entire rental property with a modern industrial theme and says the grey and white tones of the hexagonal tile pattern of the Vista Splashback in Honeycomb suits the décor perfectly.

Discover more about Vista splashbacks by exploring the whole range, and see how else Bushboard splashbacks have been used by May Green Investments. You can learn more about Vicky and her renovation projects at her website or Instagram.