Kevin had a vision when deciding to renovate his bathroom that the final design would be a luxurious space with a spa-like feel that he and his wife could relax in for years to come.

Bushboard Nuance is a brilliant wall panelling system that is transforming both residential and commercial bathroom design. The panels allow the creation of individual interiors. Whether your look is traditional or contemporary, there’s a design that will work for you.


Nuance panels are unique. They are 100% waterproof, trim-free offering a seamless expanse of design, can be installed quickly and have easy on-going maintenance…the list goes on. They are also perfect for renovations as they can be installed on top of existing tiles, reducing time and disruption.

‘Nuance was recommended to us. At first, we weren’t too sure but once we saw and learnt about the range, my wife and I fell in love with it. The Nuance boards took about a day to be put up by our builders – we couldn’t believe how quickly our bathroom had turned around!’


Kevin chose two complementary decors for his design, Silver Travertine for around the bath and vanity tops and Natural Greystone for the vanity wall. Contrasting the decors achieved the fashionable, urban feel that Kevin was looking for.

‘BB Complete coloured sealant was applied and matches the panels very well.’

Bushboard know the importance of the final installation, that is why they created 14 bespoke BB Complete coloured sealants which co-ordinate with the panels and worksurfaces. Bushboard also offer a 15-year guarantee if the BB Complete is used with the Nuance product.

‘We are very pleased with the end result, everyone who has seen it has been very impressed. The postformed panels give the boards a lovely tidy finish. We would definitely use Nuance again. I am very happy to get away from tiles and grout. Cleaning is so much easier, a lot quicker and best of all it looks the part.’

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