Nuance in 3 Bathrooms at the Bungalow on the Heath


As part of an extensive home renovation Jan had 3 brand new bathrooms to complete and, upon researching at bathroom centres, she was advised several times that Nuance was the product she needed.

Nuance panels are award-winning, waterproof shower panels in beautiful designs – making it fast, easy and practical to complete a watertight bathroom renovation.

A little research later, and Jan had made up her mind, choosing Nuance panels in Natural Greystone, Platinum Travertine and Driftwood to bring her bathroom designs to life.


Jan sourced her Nuance panels from Ipswich Plastics, and used a carpenter who had installed Nuance panels before. Nuance bathroom panels are simple to plan, template, cut and fit using Complete adhesive and sealant, which gives the installation a 15 year guarantee, and is a much faster process than tiling.

With 3 bathrooms to complete, Jan was certain she didn’t want tiles, commenting, “I knew I didn’t want tiles and to be forever cleaning grout. The clean lines of Nuance look so good and feel great.”

Using the post formed panel edges and efficient spatial planning, Jan’s carpenter panelled the shower areas and then created storage recesses, splashbacks and windowsills.

“We used leftovers behind the sinks and windowsills so there’s no wastage at all,” says Jan, “In our en-suite where we used Natural Greystone, we also chose the matching vanity top for the sink unit and windowsill.”

In the main bathroom of the house, Jan chose Platinum Travertine for a bright and airy finish, and used Driftwood in a guest en-suite for a naturally-inspired aesthetic. Nuance panels are available in a wide range of wood, marble and stone designs ideal for creating a premium finish in a bathroom of any size.


“My favourite part of using Nuance is that it’s so easy to keep clean. The panels all feel amazing to touch and just look so beautiful,” says Jan. “It’s one of my favourite choices we made for the house, and I would definitely recommend it. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again.”

You can learn more about Nuance panels here, and follow Jan and Mondo’s home renovation on their Instagram account, @bungalow_on_the_heath_reno.

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