Fileturn Ltd


Fileturn Ltd have supplied high quality interior fit-outs, refurbishments and construction services to a wide range of high profile clients for more than thirty years.

When pairing with St Giles Hotel, they wanted to create stunning bathrooms that gave a luxurious feel but were totally unique.

Nuance is a unique panelling range, it is 100% waterproof, trim free and is an ideal alternative to tiles as it is six times faster to install than
tiles and is becoming the fastest growing product in today’s bathrooms.


The unique selling points of Bushboard Nuance, means it is ideal for refurbishments as well as new installations where down time needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Bushboard understands that a hotel room that is out of action can cause huge loss of earnings so they provide a 48 hour free of charge sample service along with panels that can be installed in a matter of hours.

‘We have used similar products on other contracts but Nuance stood out from the rest. Very easy to install and work with.’

The Bushboard Nuance range offers flexibility to shape the perfect bathroom. The postformed panels and the standard tongue and groove panels can be linked together with BB Complete adhesive and sealant ensuring you have a water tight joint, as well as a 15-year guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.


Fileturn specified Bushboard Nuance, Natural Greystone in Roche texture creating a modern and desirable space.

‘Our client loves the result and is very happy with the appearance of the panelling in the showers.’

Bushboard strive to develop materials, manufacturing process and installation techniques to make aspirational products more affordable.

‘The Bushboard team were very helpful and we would definitely use the Nuance product again.’

The specification team at Bushboard thrive on helping contractors and support projects from start to finish, ensuring they are nurtured to a mutually successful conclusion.

For more information about the Bushboard products, request a RIBA CPD, download an NBS specification or order samples visit or call 01933 232204.

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