Encore Worktops in a Stylish Family Home


When Emma and Stu renovated their kitchen, they wanted a stone finish. After a bad experience with oak worktops in their previous home, Emma says, they knew they wanted a clean, fresh finish in their bright new kitchen.

“We have a friend who’s a kitchen fitter, and he suggested Bushboard Encore instead of real stone. As soon as I saw Encore in Ice, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.”


Emma and Stu had their Encore worktop installed by their kitchen fitter and have never looked back.

Their Ice worktop has a soft, realistic granite effect matched perfectly to the grey cabinets, black extractor and white subway tiles.

Bushboard Encore worktops are solid surface, making them a realistic alternative to granite and quartz worktops, without the associated templating, mess, cost or maintenance.

By choosing their Encore worktop in Ice, Emma and Stu were able to install integrated drainer grooves next to their sink.

Emma says, “We asked our fitter to cut drainer grooves into the worktop next to the sink and we’re so pleased we did. Unfortunately a metal draining rack rusted on it, but because Encore is repairable, we were able to sand out the stain.”

Thanks to Encore’s precision manufacturing process, the surface can be repaired and refinished.


Emma says, “We’re really happy with our Encore worktop and from a practical point of view I find it really easy to maintain.”

Encore worktops benefit from a little TLC once a week using Bushboard Professional Worktop Polish and soft microfibre cloths.

“I polish it up regularly and sometimes use a little bleach if we find a stain from a teabag or Spaghetti Bolognese,” comments Emma.

“I love that we managed to get a granite finish within our budget and we’re so happy with what we’ve achieved.”

To learn more about Encore worktops and choose your own solid surface, click here, or locate your nearest retailer.

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