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Gris Paloma - Odyssey

Code 149
Texture Fa - Laminate
Complete adhesive colour Silver Grey

Textures are a very personal choice; our solid grey Gris Paloma laminate work top comes in our classic Fa finish for a solid everyday staple.

Odyssey textures are about high fashion, but never about high maintenance. All your laminate work surface needs to keep it looking spick and span is a simple wipe down.

Great choice

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a makeover with new worktops or a brand-new project, our Odyssey range offers a choice of sizes for its work tops, breakfast bars, upstands and splashbacks.

Our Odyssey work tops come in a choice of five different sizes, so you can be more flexible with what you need to buy.

The choice of lengths and widths helps you reduce the waste of offcuts and saves you money.

Breakfast bars are a great asset to any kitchen. Odyssey offers them in 3m lengths which are easier to fit into more kitchen layouts.

They’re also more economical because, again, you’re not paying for worktop offcuts that are wasted.


Manufacturing with the finest materials is what gives Bushboard work surfaces their signature quality compared to competitive products.

While beautiful and stylish to look at, they are also constructed to cope with the wear and tear of everyday living.

Independently tested to BS EN 438, your Bushboard work surface is designed to withstand knocks, abrasions, chemicals, cigarette burns, steam, stains from juice, tea, wine or coffee.

It is also highly resistant to heat, although we recommend the use of a protective pad as saucepan bottoms can become extremely hot.

Bushboard select E1 grade high-density particleboard for strength and stability.

Its homogenous construction generates excellent machining capability for sink cutouts and mitre joints. They are surfaced in Polyrey high-pressure laminate.

A resin impregnated moisture resistant barrier combines with Bushboard’s unique ‘Tekseal’ cast resin to completely seal the underside against moisture penetration from everyday spills.

Further protection should be applied in high risk areas such as dishwashers.

Great detail

It’s the details that make all the difference and there’s no easier way to finish the joint between ?the work surface and the wall than with a matching upstand. It gives a smart looking and practical finish.

Upstands measure 100mm high and come in 3m lengths which are easy to handle. They are simply cut to size and bonded onto the wall.

We recommend the use of our special BB Complete adhesive and sealant for this. It gives a perfectly colour-matched join, as well as a seal that is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof.

Care & Maintenance

Bushboard work surfaces are so easy to maintain. On a day to day basis, all you need to do is wipe them down with a moist cloth and your favourite mild detergent.

For more stubborn marks such as fruit juice or coffee, leave the detergent to soak on the surface for a little while before rinsing thoroughly.

Obviously, your work surface can become damaged if mistreated, so we recommend some sensible measures like placing hot pans or casserole dishes on protective mats and mopping up spills quickly.

Lifetime Guarantee

Bushboard work surfaces are guaranteed for their lifetime.

Bushboard will make good by repair and/or replacement (at its discretion) any Odyssey product of its manufacture which can?be shown to have failed by reason of defects in its manufacture, subject to fair wear and tear, provided the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and that the products are used for their intended purpose / application.

Proof of date and place of purchase required. This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and does not affect your rights in any way.

Product Information

Breakfast bar sizes

- 3000 x 900 x 38mm
- 3000 x 900 x 28mm

Upstand sizes

- 3000 x 100 x 20mm

Worktops sizes

- 3000 x 600 x 28mm
- 3000 x 600 x 38mm

Sink options



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