Your FAQs: What is Nuance?

In short, Nuance is a 100% waterproof bathroom wall panel system with a patented tongue and groove fitting system. Completely impervious to water, it’s ideal for use all round the bathroom – in the shower, round the tub and behind the basin – creating a stylish, high quality finish that lasts.

What are Nuance bathroom panels made from?

Nuance wet wall panels are made with a synthetic waterproof material. It’s homogeneous, which means it’s waterproof all the way through. Some bathroom panels are made with a chipboard base, but a chipboard panel is not waterproof and often the decorative laminate on the top will become damaged after just a short time.

Do Nuance bathroom panels need trim?

No! Nuance is created with a tongue and groove system unmatched by any other wall panel. Nuance panels have tongue and groove edges that click together and using Complete, our waterproof adhesive, ensures the join is watertight and creates a seamless finish with no need for clumsy trims. The best bit? Using Complete gives your Nuance installation a 15 year guarantee.


Can Nuance bathroom panels be cut to size?

Yes! You can cut Nuance panels to fit any space – just stick to our installation guide.

Can Nuance bathroom panels be fitted over tiles?

Yes! You can install Nuance wall panels over almost any surface as long as it’s flat – check out our guide here for the full details.

Do I need special tools for installing Nuance bathroom panels?

No special tools are required for fitting Nuance wall panels; you can use standard wood working tools and blades. Make sure to use standard high speed drill bits or circular hole saw cutters – not spade type bits. Always cut with the panel face down, and start all cuts into the factory finished post formed edge. You can download the entire Nuance installation instructions here, and will find them included with every Nuance panel.

How do I install Nuance bathroom panels?

Always dry fit to test your alignment is accurate. Make sure to measure, mark and cut to size allowing a 2mm gap for Complete adhesive at the ninety degree internal joint, form cut outs and holes for services as required, then remove and clean the back face and allow to dry before applying beads of Complete adhesive ahead of the final fit. You can download the entire Nuance installation instructions here, and will find them included with every Nuance panel.

Are Nuance bathroom panels better than tiles?

Nuance bathroom panels go on the wall in one piece so once it’s cut to size, things are straightforward, making Nuance much faster to fit than tiles. In our tests, we found that fitting Nuance is up to 6 times faster than fitting tiles, saving precious time on the installation process. Once it’s on the wall, Nuance is easier to clean than tiles, because there’s no grout to scrub.

How do I clean Nuance bathroom panels?

With Nuance panels, there’s no grout to scrub so keeping the bathroom clean is easy. Just spray with a standard bathroom cleaner and wipe down with a clean cloth or shower squeegee.

Where can I buy Nuance bathroom panels?

To buy Nuance wall panels, head to our find a retailer page and find your nearest showroom.

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Published at: 12-02-2019