Introducing Alloy!

Alloy Splashbacks are set to change the landscape of kitchen design; every design is completely safe anywhere in the kitchen, even in the hot zone around the hob where acrylic, paper and MDF can pose a fire hazard without an expensive glass cover or stainless steel panel that breaks up the pattern.

Designed to make filling the entire wall space easy and stylish and available as high rise, mid rise, standard or wide hob panels, Alloy Splashbacks will help designers, installers and homeowners say goodbye to tiles and hello to high performance, statement splashbacks that can truly be placed anywhere.

Every design and size in the Alloy Splashbacks range is firesafe behind any hob, waterproof behind any sink, wipe-clean, anti-scratch and easy to install. Just cut, fit and cook.

Alloy Splashbacks have now launched and will be available in Bushboard retailers nationwide from the 14th June – visit the Alloy Splashbacks page to learn more, or watch the 2 minute discovery video here.

If you’re interested in stocking Alloy Splashbacks, download the brochure or contact us here.

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Published at: 06-10-2021