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Which kitchen worksurface is right for your kitchen?

When selecting kitchen surfaces, many homeowners aspire to materials like natural quartz, granite, marble, or ceramics. Whilst these options are aesthetically pleasing, they involve a complex template and fit installation process, which can prove costly and time-consuming.

For homeowners who desire a natural, high-end look, whilst reducing costs and minimising disruption during installation, Bushboard’s solid core and composite kitchen worksurfaces are popular alternatives. All of our ranges can be installed onsite by your kitchen-fitter, maximising efficiency and savings.

The question is; which range is right for your kitchen?


M-Stone is a unique blend of natural stone particles and resin, which reflects the natural look and texture of quartz. The range blends high-performance, technical materials with durability and low-maintenance.

Unlike natural quartz, M-Stone offers fast and straightforward fitting, drastically reducing installation duration and costs. If you are searching for a worksurface which provides the natural shine of quartz, without the rigmarole of installation, then the M-Stone range may just be for you.


Evolve is a market-leading compact worksurface, featuring a solid coloured core and sleek 12.5mm profile. The matching colour core and ease of cut allow Evolve worksurfaces to be shaped onsite, ensuring a perfect fit and efficient installation. Additional benefits of the range include their streamlined, slab-like appearance, bold monochrome designs and 100% waterproof certification.


Our Encore solid surfaces offer elegant design in a range of colours. For those who prefer a natural aesthetic, there are options which use large-scale patterning to expertly mimic the strata of natural granite and marble. For a more contemporary look, opt for a bold-coloured glass design, complemented by translucent particles.

Aside from the elegant look of Encore worksurfaces, another key benefit is that the range offers easy on-site installation, bringing with it reduced fitting costs and minimising disruption.


Omega is a design-conscious range of laminate worksurfaces, featuring crisp square edges which expertly mimic the shape of cut stone and wood. Our surfaces even replicate the feel of freshly sanded wood and washed stone. The designs themselves encapsulate the visual appeal of granite, stones and woodgrains.

A high-tech solution, Omega worksurfaces offer the latest innovations in surface design. Our technical know-how ensures that Bushboard worksurfaces are durable, convenient and cost efficient.


The Options range gives traditional worksurfaces a contemporary update in top-of-the-range laminate. Granites and marbles make a luxury statement in any kitchen and the range distinguishes itself for expertly mimicking natural textures.

At Bushboard, we supply a wide range of worksurfaces which provide style, performance and durability. In comparison to organic materials, our range of laminates and composites are also easy-install; reducing fitting times and associated costs. Want to find out more about our extensive range of kitchen worksurfaces? Browse online or contact our friendly Business Support Team today.


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