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Thin is in: How 12.5mm and 22mm Worktops are Changing Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is changing, and thinner worktops are on the rise. How can you use a slimline worktop to create a stylish and practical space?

Islands are In Demand

Islands are taking over kitchen design, as the demand for open plan and multi-functional spaces picks up pace with home renovators. Placed either as a standalone surface, a breakfast bar leading off units, or a peninsula that meets the wall, an island with seating brings multi-functionality to the kitchen and makes it the hub of the home. Placing an island in the middle of a kitchen design has the potential to look like a barrier, but with a clever choice of worktops, an island can play with perspective to help the space make sense. Thickness (or thinness) is the key to helping create flow – a slim worksurface helps create distinct zones in the kitchen and blend more naturally into furniture lines to merge open living, dining and kitchen spaces together. 


Slim is Subtle in a Small Space

While some homeowners are expanding their space, others are opting for new builds where space is at a premium. In a small kitchen, every element is competing for space, and thicker worktops can feel overpowering. A slim line surface is subtle, and the best part is minimising thickness doesn’t mean minimising impact – a thin worktop still makes a statement. Evolve worktops are a great example of a slim line that makes a statement - with a solid coloured core, 12.5mm thin Evolve surfaces look stylish from every angle, while the application of drainer grooves and installation of an undermount sink create a sleek, streamlined look that cuts out clutter. Omega surfaces, meanwhile, are available in a 22mm thickness with a square edge, creating a slim line look that works with replica stone, wood and marble for a realistic edging. 


Clean Lines Rule

Contemporary and minimalist kitchen designs are the most popular right now – both create a simple, uncluttered aesthetic where lines are clean and simplicity reigns. With a slimline worktop, it’s easier to create a fuss free kitchen arrangement. At 12.5mm thin, Evolve worktops are the perfect accompaniment to the handless doors and sleek appliances synonymous with contemporary design, and with a wide range of decors replicating stone, wood and marble, choosing an Evolve surface means the space will never lack character.

Industrial influences are all around too, with homeowners increasingly using commercial spaces like bars, restaurants and hotels as inspiration for the kitchen and dining spaces in their own homes. Industrial spaces can feel elegantly utilitarian, and often a nod to spaces like this – New York lofts, converted factories – can be achieved with just the right worktop choice. A thin worktop that replicates stone, like Urban Concrete from our Bushboard Evolve range, can really look the part without the long, complex fitting process that a real concrete worktop requires.

With a Bushboard slim worktop, it’s easy to create a stylish kitchen design that saves space and performs as a multifunctional living area. Get started now by browsing the Evolve and Omega ranges, or find a retailer and visit your nearest showroom.


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