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Omega Worktops for a Contemporary Quartz Look

The Omega worktop range by Bushboard can help you create a contemporary quartz look in your kitchen without the exclusive cost.  


What is Omega?

Want to go for for subtle sophistication with the ‘wow’ factor of Quartz in your kitchen? It’s a luxurious, contemporary aesthetic that comes with a considerable price tag. Luckily, the Omega worktop range by Bushboard can help you create a similar look without the exclusive cost.

Quartz is a man-made worktop created using a mix of Quartz Minerals and resins to form a granite like surface exudes timeless aesthetic and will make a statement in your kitchen. However, the overall cost of buying a Quartz worktop can be costly.

Bushboard’s Omega range has been developed to bring you a collection of Quartz inspired laminate worktops that are tough and hygienic, and offer a more affordable way to create the same look. Discover how to use Omega quartz effect worktops to create your new kitchen look.



Draw Sleek Lines

For a clean, contemporary look, keep fuss to a minimum and create the illusion of sleek lines. With a high gloss texture, Omega worktops look even sleeker.

Choose a square edge and match with your Bushboard laminate worktop with matching upstands to create continuity throughout the kitchen, using long lines to create the illusion of space. Extra tip: remove clutter from surface to help you achieve this!


Mix and Match to Create texture

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures for a modern take and to create depth. The Omega range includes 9 Quartz inspired worktops including White, Black, Sandstone Quartz and Strass Blanc, which is a high gloss sparkle.

Mix and match more than one decor together to create zones in your kitchen; Black Quartz in the cooking area, and White Quartz at a breakfast bar to create a lighter, more sociable space for example. The space will feel bigger, without creating barriers.



An Omega worktop in quartz finish is a sure way to create a contemporary aesthetic in the kitchen, and it comes with a lifetime product guarantee as well as a 3-year joint guarantee when installed with our adhesive, BB Complete.

Looking to create your own Contemporary kitchen? Omega has an extensive range of laminate worktops to suit your personal style. This trend-led collection offers a range of Quartz inspired worktop, perfect for creating a modern and inspired space in your home.

You can find out more about the Bushboard Omega range here. 







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