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How to Maximise Home Life with a Minimalist Kitchen

How to use a slimline Evolve worktop to maximise your minimalist kitchen aesthetic. 

At Bushboard, we understand the importance of functionality and aesthetic when it comes to creating your kitchen. Minimalist Interior design incorporates both by decluttering your space and creating easy navigation in the kitchen. By minimalising these distractions, it creates room to maximise lifestyle and home life.

Our Evolve worktop range has been created with these design qualities in mind and fits perfectly with the timelessness that minimalist design has to offer.


Keeping it Simple

The aesthetic of your kitchen is important; Minimalism centres around timelessness and the ability to take something simple and ensure that it’ll still be on-trend for years to come. Sleek lines and streamlined surfaces achieve this, a thin worktop will assist in creating a minimalist aesthetic in your kitchen.  

Evolve worktops are 12.5mm thin and fully versatile. Evolve can be shaped and curved to enhance the seamless appearance of your kitchen. Minimalist aesthetic can be further emulated through our diverse range of decors, opt for a marble finish to create a luxurious feel in your contemporary kitchen.

Surfaces will blend into the rest of the house and become part of the furniture, this design element is particularly popular in open plan kitchens and can also benefit smaller spaces by cutting down the bulk of a worktop.



Incorporating a multifunctional product in your kitchen creates design continuity. Evolve is so versatile, it can be used as a worktop, island or breakfast bar but also to create cabinet framing, and shelving thanks to its dual-faced finish.

Even offcuts can be used resourcefully to create bespoke matching windowsills, handbasin splashbacks, desks and more – why not get creative?

Evolve’s light weight and compact profile makes it easy to install, keeping the installation process simple and to a minimum. This minimalist approach to DIY kitchen worktop installation reduces the need for multiple product sourcing and offers an economical alternative.

The minimalist interior design trend is centred around the idea that ‘less is more’, the aim is to reduce appliances and bulk, which will give your space a contemporary and clean aesthetic. Evolve is created with a solid coloured core, meaning it is fully versatile and can be cut and shaped to suit your design needs. This gives the option of incorporating drainer grooves into the surface of your worktop, reducing the need for bulky drainer boards and sinks. To stay in keeping with the minimalist design trend, choose an undermount sink to maintain a sleek and simplistic aesthetic.



Simplifying your surfaces and appliances decreases the amount of tidying needed to keep up the maintenance of your kitchen.

A minimalistic approach to interior design focuses on strong lines, plenty of light and solid surfaces. Unbroken and sleek surfaces are naturally easier to maintain and can be kept clean with a quick wipe down.

Because of its versatility, Evolve can be used as a splashback as well as a worktop in your kitchen. Its compact profile makes it hygienic and easy to look after and can be quickly wiped clean, preserving your walls and your time. Choose the same décor as your worktops to create continuity or make a statement with a different finish.


Is Minimalist Design Right for You?

Chic, practical and timeless, Minimalism is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. We all have hectic lives and want to enjoy our homes by making it a place we can relax and unwind.

This simplistic approach to kitchen design, will ensure that minimal time is spent cleaning and maintaining so that you can have more time to enjoy home life and disconnect from your busy life.

Integrate minimalism into your home with an evolve worktop and reap the benefits of simplistic interior design.

Learn more about Evolve worktops here, or visit our Gallery for kitchen design inspiration. 


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