- Elegance in quartz

Black Diamond Stone

Texture Quartz
Complete adhesive colour Jet Black

Busy kitchens need hardworking surfaces and you can be sure that the Black Diamond Stone work top from our M-Stone range won’t disappoint.

Tough and beautiful, the 20mm solid material is a unique composition of natural quartz and resin.

It offers exceptional strength and superior resistance to stains, scratches and impact.

Hygienic and non-porous, it will repel staining from everyday spills including coffee, wine, lemon juice or olive oil.

Why not combine it with one of our laminate splashbacks for some easy-living style?

No waiting

There’s no quicker way to a stunning quartz work surface than with our M-Stone range of work tops.

Whether you?are having a brand-new kitchen or replacing your old work surfaces, no-one wants their kitchen disrupted for longer than they have to.

M-Stone is supplied in ready-made sizes for work surfaces, upstands and splashbacks which are cut, shaped, jointed and installed directly on site.

Compared to the usual template-fabricate-wait route, this can save you up to two weeks.

Luxury for less

You’ll be surprised how affordable our M-Stone product can be.

The innovation of the material means that M-Stone can combine outstanding design and quality?with attractive pricing.

And with the ready-made components installed from start to finish on site, this has the benefit of keeping costs down, too.

So, there’ll be something left over for a bottle of bubbly to toast your new kitchen.

Design freedom

Classic or contemporary, M-Stone offers the design freedom for any style of kitchen you desire.

The versatile character of our material means that it can be precisely machined on site to create curves and shapes.

You get exactly the design you want, with the assurance of a professional, long-lasting fit.

Any style of sink, be it inset, flush-mount or under-mount, can be fitted complete with drainer grooves. And there’s also matching upstands and splashbacks to complete the look with smooth surfaces and simple design lines.

Finishing touches

The difference is always in the detail. Upstands and splashbacks in the matching quartz design provide attractive finishing touches. They are easily installed and will complement any kitchen design.

Consider fitting a quartz hob splashback. It provides a high performance and easy clean surface for one of the hardest working parts of your kitchen.

Style with sinks

With M-Stone you can have any style of sink you choose. There are no limitations because the 20mm solid material can work with any size, shape or style you want. The options can also help work with your budget, too.

Made to last

Functional to a tee, our quartz work surfaces combine high performance with surprisingly low maintenance.

Everyday cleaning is just a simple wipe down with mild soapy water.

Beyond that, the surface needs just an occasional buff up to keep it looking glossy. You’ll soon realise how easy M-Stone is to care for.

M-Stone quartz offers the highest levels of resistance to heat, scratching and scuffing.

However, chopping directly on to the surface can leave marks and?some of the latest pans can develop very high temperatures, so treat it with a little love and use protectors and chopping boards.


M-Stone is the latest innovation in man-made quartz. It’s a unique blend of natural quartz particles and resin, giving you a material that is technically advanced compared to stone and granite.

As they are manufactured from natural quartz particles on occasion colours may vary slightly between components.  

10-year warranty

Your M-Stone work surface has a 10-year guarantee (for the warranty to be valid your installer will need to provide evidence that our bespoke installation kits have been used).

Product Information

Breakfast bar sizes

- 2100 x 900 x 20mm (surface and all four edges finished)

Splashbacks sizes

- 1400 x 1000 x 12mm (surface and two long and one short edge finished)

Upstand sizes

- 3050 x 100 x 12mm (surface and one long and two short edges finished)

Worksurfaces sizes

- 3050 x 650 x 20mm (surface and all four edges finished)
- 1500 x 650 x 20mm (surface and two long and one short edge finished)

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