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Texture Acrylic

Solid surfacing with our brown, white and black-flecked Lava work top offers you the design flexibility to create the kitchen you want.

From island units with slab ends to integral sinks and drainer grooves, the material flows seamlessly around joints, shapes, edges and corners.

This uninterrupted flow of material is visually enhanced with the creation of inconspicuous seams in all but the new marbled designs, where the directional pattern accentuates a more natural feel.

Whatever your design choice, there’s nothing but a smooth and stylish work surface for you to enjoy.

Easy working and living

With Encore, you are assured stand-out style. The finest materials and manufacturing techniques guarantee a product of superior quality, with edges expertly finished to the highest standards.

For up-scale designer looks, go for a slab end in solid surfacing. The continuation of the material on the end of a furniture run or island unit will give your kitchen a distinctive contemporary feel.

There is no expensive fabrication work off-site, because the material can be shaped and tailored by your kitchen installer whilst on the project. So, there is no time delay for templating, either - just fast and easy installation which helps saves you money as well as disruption.

Sinks with style

Encore lends itself to many different sink options; inset, under-mounted, integrally moulded and flush-mounted. Flush-mounted sinks are the ultimate in designer styling and with Encore you can achieve it easily. The material is first routered and the sink set in so that it sits perfectly flush.

For the ultimate in streamlined looks, go for an integral sink with precision-machined drainer grooves. The seamless flow between the moulded bowl and the work surface shows off the true aesthetics of solid surfacing at its very best.

Made from 100% acrylic, our sinks guarantee the highest levels of hygiene and performance being both durable and non-porous. They are also robust enough for the high-speed demands of a waste disposal unit. Elegantly designed, the choice of single and one and a half bowl sinks are stylish whilst being practical enough to cope with a hard-working kitchen.

Tools to help you choose your new kitchen

Choosing a new kitchen is an exciting time and we have all the tools you need:

Kitchen Design Studio

Co-ordinating upstands, splashbacks and hob panels can be challenging in what is often the most-used room in the house.

Here in our Kitchen Design Studio, you can play with confidence until it’s just so and it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Free samples

We will send you up to six of your favourite designs, free of charge, delivered direct to your door.

Simply click the ‘Add sample to basket’ button on this product page and follow the instructions to complete your order.

Find a retailer

We have thousands of retail partners across the UK who will be happy to help you with your new bathroom plans, give you advice and enable you to explore the full range of Nuance samples; find your nearest retailer here.

Care & Maintenance

Your Encore work surface is developed to cope with every day wear and tear from crockery and utensils. And whilst it is highly impact and heat resistant, your work surface can become damaged if mistreated, so we recommend some sensible measures like placing hot pans or casserole dishes on protective mats, mopping up spills quickly and not chopping directly onto it.

A major benefit of Encore is its ability to be repaired or refinished. Minor scratches, which can be more apparent with darker colours, can be removed by using the Scotch-Brite pad provided in our After Care Kit. In the unlikely event of more significant damage, we suggest using an Encore installer who is able to repair and refinish your surfaces.

In day-to-day usage, keeping your surface as good as new requires little more than normal cleaning with a mild detergent and water. Then rinse with clean water and buff gently dry. Maintaining this finish will require a periodic application of BB Professional Worktop Polish, which is supplied in our Installation Kit. To maintain your Encore surfaces our After Care Kit is available from your retailer or can be ordered directly from Bushboard.

Further Information

Be aware that scratches can be more apparent with darker colours and tend to require more frequent cleaning than medium and lighter tones.

Installation kits and specialist adhesive is required. See product listing for details.

Product Information

Breakfast bar sizes

- 2400 x 900 x 44mm edged on 4 sides, with one square and one bowed end.

Edge Strip sizes

- 1350 x 5mm for 44mm
- 2400 x 5mm for 44mm

Radius Edge Strip sizes

- 1350 x 1.7mm for 44mm

Splashback sizes

- 1200 x 1200 x 5mm (hob)
- 4100 x 600 x 5mm (midway)

Upstand sizes

- 3600 x 100 x 12mm

Worksurfaces sizes

- 2000 x 650 x 44mm
- 4100 x 650 x 44mm

Sink options

Stainless Steel Undermount
Granite Undermount


Made in Britain

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