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Nuance waterproof laminate wall panels provide seamless finish

Added 11.05.11

Laminate wall panels for the bathroom have taken on a whole new appeal on account of Bushboard’s Nuance surfacing range. Nuance is designed to be fitted without unsightly extrusions, giving a beautiful, seamless and expansive decorative surface to brighten up the shower experience.

Exclusive to Bushboard’s range is a large format panel measuring 2420 x 1200 x 11mm which is postformed on one long edge with a tightly shaped radius. This produces a neat finishing detail at the outside edges of a shower enclosure, at once eliminating the need for extrusions and greatly enhancing the overall aesthetics. Installation is fast and easy and can easily done by a DIY enthusiast: simply butt the panels up into an internal corner, glue seamlessly into place with the company’s bespoke adhesive and fix the shower tray and shower enclosure over the top. The postformed edge of the panel oversails the shower enclosure guaranteeing a 100& waterproof and watertight neat-looking edge.

The same panel could also be turned on its side and planted on the wall giving an instant half height decorative solution, used to panel a bath surround and for general wall panelling. There are also two other panel sizes available for complete flexibility of design and installation.

Bushboard’s Nuance range uniquely offers 100% waterproof panels, worksurfaces and upstands in a choice of laminate and solid surfacing. There are 33 laminate designs covering all the key trends for luxurious granite, stones and marbles; embossed floral and damask wallpapers; jewel colours, graphic prints and calming neutrals - ample choice for a range of bathroom interior styles. There are also five solid surface effects for walk in showers, wall panelling and vanity worksurfaces.

Says Stuart White, managing director of Bushboard:

“We recognised that if laminate panels are to be embraced more readily by the consumer, they need to be a thing of beauty as well as function. That means losing the extrusions in favour of seamless surfaces that do all the talking, while at the same time being superbly functional.”

Customers can expect to pay from £60 per sqm for a laminate panel.



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